Chapter 7. Criterion of edibility

Chapter 7. Criterion of edibility

You starve is better, than that has got is.

Also be better one than together with whom has got.


Typical dinner of the inhabitant

My cat Fil each time when eats, amazes me with the wisdom. Before to eat the food offered it, he examines it(her), sniffs, cautiously tries(tastes) and thinks, in own way, on-cat's. Pay attention to its(his) strategy of use of touch systems.

Strategy of a cat

1. Considers(Examines) (the visual channel).

2. Sniffs (the olfactory channel).

3. Tries(Tastes) (the flavouring channel).

And then Fil or eats, or if its(his) touch system rejects meal as dangerous, looks at me with astonishment and reproachfully and some times vigorously scrapes the right paw a floor (so it(he) usually does(makes) when digs in the kakashki). Thus he informs me, that thinks of offered food. By the way, its(his) opinion on products for the cats sold in pet-shops, strongly differs from opinion of advertisers.

How simply to learn(find out), whether correctly you have fed the organism? Let's disassemble a modest and quite typical dinner of the person which, from the point of view of the inhabitant, it is good and with appetite has had dinner.

The menu of the inhabitant

1. A beer glass.

2. "Olivier's" salad.

3. A borsch (a beet, carrots, meat, a potato).

4. A beefsteak with jajtsom.

5. A garnish - fig.

6. Two slices of a white loaf.

7. Tea with sugar and a lemon.

8. A biscuit cake.

The inhabitant with appetite eats all listed products at dinner. Each of them is separately edible. The immune system has checked up appearance, a smell and taste of a product and has confirmed, that it is possible to eat it(him). And when the inhabitant places this or that slice in a mouth, its(his) immune system does not resist, it(she) agrees, gives OK. It(He) takes pleasure in each dish. Enjoys! But whether is correct so to eat? How it is possible to prove, what the eaten food - is inedible? What the combination of products which has turned out in a stomach, - is harmful to an organism? That such act - is mad!

The theorem «the Rule kastrjulki»

The stomach of some people reminds a bag with unlimited stretched(dragged out) ability which contains any rubbish to what only can take pleasure, and besides in any quantity(amount).


The statement

If it is impossible to eat a mix from products they cannot be eaten and separately at once (at one time food).

The proof

1. We will take advantage considered(examined) before the menu of the inhabitant. Pass(Miss) mentally through a meat grinder all products listed in the menu and carefully mix them.

2. Scoop a spoon the imagined received mix and bring to a mouth.

3. How your touch system reacts to a mix of products? How the mix looks? What smell at it(her)? What taste will be at a mix if you it(her) try(taste)?

4. It would be desirable you there is a mix? It is edible?

Have done? Listed above products the immune system reacts to a mix: «Is not present! I do not want! It is inedible! Such mix - is awful!».

Thus, we have proved by practical consideration the IMPORTANT theorem which we name the Rule kastrjulki. Further we will consider(examine) strategy «the Rule kastrjulki», allowing intuitively to make a food correct.

If it is impossible to eat the MIX from products

they CANNOT be eaten

and separately AT ONCE.

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