The Rule kastrjulki

The Rule kastrjulki

I search for the publisher in English. I the author of the given book - Paul Barabash (Russia, Khabarovsk). Further I result(bring) the first 5 pages of the book.

The foreword

Kind instant, the Reader!

Who you? The fatty? The fat man? Or the harmonous model, wishing to grow thin for some kg? Now you hold this book in hands, thumb through it, solve, whether it(she) is interesting to you. Whether we will be useful each other? Whether there will be a mutual liking what will allow us to say goodbye warmly on last page of the book?

Any longest travel begins with the first step, and this step is impossible without DESIRE something to change. It is said that desire - as money: it or is or not. Before the book, probably, becomes for you the guide to action, answer two questions.

You consider, what are absolutely healthy?

You accept the weight?

If you have answered both questions "YES" I congratulate you: you know a secret how to be happy! In this case unless interest to an excess weight problem will allow you to continue travel on book pages.

If you have answered "ARE not present", that you want?

You would like to return to a body symmetry and to improve health?

If your answer "YES" then I go To YOU! Serious intention to help by means of the book to everyone who wishes to go to the country Symmetry and to remain with me in it(her) for ever. I hope, that YOU are a person thoughtful, and the problem of excess weight which we are going to solve, is actual for you. I suggest you to communicate throughout all travel under the formula: «YOU + I = we».

When you come on a visit drink tea which to you offer, and thank. Refusing, you say the same word "thanks" from politeness. If during any moment you wish to stop for any reason reading I will accept your leaving with humility, with gratitude that you were with me, interest and desire to communicate have not run low yet.

Allow to offer you «a tea cup» and travel to other reality where there are no corpulent people, and there are HARMONOUS WOMEN and MEN, mobile and nice. Believe, each of you can live in the happy country Symmetry.

Book appointment

The book is conceived as psychological training which will help to solve an overeating problem, to learn to supervise unrestrained appetite and it is rational to eat. It is written on the basis of training spent(lead) by the author "Symmetry". Many participants of training not only have got rid of excess weight, but also have considerably improved the health. Together with superfluous kgs from them the illnesses, not wished to live in a harmonous body have left.

- Tell how to get to a philharmonic society?

- To train it is necessary!

How to become harmonous and healthy? To think, train, learn in the optimum way to satisfy requirement of the body. A key to success here - use of rational strategy of a food and acquisition of useful habits.

And guarantees?

Almost always on training "Symmetry" there was a participant who asked a question: «And what guarantees, what your technique will help me?» The question - an iceberg top, and its(his) underwater part is a disappointment, negative experience, unsuccessful attempts of use of various diets, mistrust, uncertainty in the forces, fear before the future.

Probably, and you now would like to ask such question. Then allow to specify: what do you understand as a guarantee? Whether you wish to fall down all responsibility on someone another? And how working? And I will help you!

The journalist asks the director of the institute, reception of signals dealing with by a problem from aliens:

- Your institute exists 50 years. You spend so many means for scientific researches! Tell, and what chances, what we sometime nevertheless will receive signals from reasonable beings?

- Know, expensive - the director answers, - it is not enough chances. But if to do(make) nothing, they will be equal to zero.

Each of you has good chances of success! The book becomes the irreplaceable assistant on a way to it(him). Also there is only one distressing "BUT", that ill-starred spoon of tar in a flank with honey, presence or which absence depends only on you. I cannot check up, how much seriously and patiently you will concern performance of exercises. The offered TECHNIQUE WORKS only in the event that you WILL CARRY out all EXERCISES and to follow all RECOMMENDATIONS which will find out in the book.

The chief who is responsible for building of the railway, ask:

- You build road single-track or double-track?

- We build road from two ends and if rails converge will be single-track.

All depends on you. If there is an ability to be trained and desire to become(begin) harmonous (harmonous) ALL WILL turn out. Reading of this book assumes serious work on self. Probably, it will be sometimes difficult to you to present or answer something the brought attention to the question, all the same - move forward.

The contract should be bilateral!


Other question which often set: «Than the given technique differs from others?» Really, constantly there are new books with "magic" recipes of growing thin. But corpulent people becomes more and more! The recommended behaviour enters the conflict to existing habits.

Probably, you expect to find in the book the information about coding, diets, acupuncture, physical exercises? No! Similar you will not find anything. You will train the abilities.

You learn(find out), than appetite differs from hunger what the food strategy exist, what combinations of products are dangerous how to become indifferent to harmful products.

You will find out and eliminate(erase,remove) limiting belief and unconscious habits which prevent to eat correctly to you.

You can define the ideal weight, supervise appetite, operate emotional stress, use new strategy of a food and for ever forget, as a dreadful dream, painful and tiresome diets, with which pytali the organism for many years.

Strategy «the Rule kastrjulki», accessible to understanding and simple in use, will help to change considerably the power supply system, to make its(her) natural.

All it will allow you to improve the figure, to become the healthy person, to live a high-grade life, to love and be favourite. And the main thing - the reached result will remain for ever because you we will get new abilities!


The son the stray swears often:

Tomorrow that I will become better!

But it "tomorrow" never

Does not come, here a trouble!


It was always interesting to me to know, how my clients feel after training "Symmetry" (I conducted these lessons for many years). Whether all they could solve an excess weight problem? And if is not present, WHY? I will result(bring) the received statistics as the information for reflexion.

After the lapse of three months after the termination of training I have interrogated 200 persons. Among them there were 37 % of women which at all did not adhere to my recommendations. All of them put off that it was possible to make today. «Everything, tomorrow I will begin a new life», - they spoke and continued to live the same as and earlier. All these women continued to type(collect) weight. On the average they have recovered on 1,5 kg. If not to spend energy, not to apply efforts anything and you will not receive.

The most numerous group consisted of those who partially observed recommendations (41 %). They followed them during any time, usually first two weeks, received good result (some managed to lower weight for a week on 12 kg) and, calmed, ceased to keep a food diary. Thus, new habits had not time to grow, "mature and take roots(grow up,"mature and take roots). Nevertheless, these women could reach appreciable positive results. On the average they have got rid from 6 kg.

And only 22 % of women have executed all recommendations. They had a present(true) desire, they have shown persistence and have reached objects in view. On the average they have lowered weight of a body on 17 kg. A life at them the circle of interests has changed, has extended, they have got rid of an overeating, have improved the figure, have strengthened health. Many wrote to me, that only now understand, what this happiness - to feel ease in all body.

So, from 200 persons 126 have improved a figure and 44 realised(have realised) the dream on 100 %.

How to work with the book

The book consists of six parts, each of which solves the problems.

Part I. Strategy of changes

The approach in which basis the interrelation of mentality and a body lays is considered(examined). Comprehension of own purpose concerning weight and health will allow you is critical to concern some habits.

Part II. Criterion of edibility

The basic errors(mistakes) connected with a food are analyzed. The criterion of edibility of food «the Rule kastrjulki» which allows to realise as it is necessary to eat correctly is entered.

Part III. Algorithms of symmetry

You learn, that such it is good in a food. Along with known rational techniques new strategy and algorithms of a food, simple and effective are offered.

Part IV. Psychological spirits

You learn(find out) about receptions of programming of the mentality on forthcoming changes for creation of necessary motivation. They will help to strengthen your determination, will create joyful mood.

Part V. Dependence correction

You will get acquainted with technicians of management of stress and corrections of food dependence. Having executed exercises, you become indifferent to those products which define for itself as harmful.

Part VI. Self-checking system

The system of such control is important for achievement of steady results at weight reduction. She will allow you to fix new skills within 5 weeks of daily filling of diaries.

How to use the book

Agree, that it is thoughtless to read the book about eutrophy, simultaneously absorbing, for example, chocolates. First, food it will be bad to be digested in a stomach, and secondly, you will acquire the maintenance(content) of the book superficially. To read the book right after food acceptances too it is not necessary, as the organism is occupied(borrowed) at this time. Separate flies from cutlets as one Russian politician from the TV screen has told. Let's agree: the book - separately, sweets - separately.

"Read each of my written statements three times: for the first time - at least how you already have got used to read mechanically all books and newspapers, in second time - as though you read aloud to other person, and only in third time try to understand an essence of my writing". (G.Gurdzhiev)

Yes, so it is necessary to read, therefore I recommend:

1. Read the book consistently.

2. Do(Make) each exercise.

3. At first understand value of each step of exercise, and then execute it.

4. Do(Make) records directly in the book.


In the text where real dialogues with clients are resulted(brought), reductions are used:

Item B - psychologist Paul Barabash;

K - the client (client).

I hope, that the reader-man with understanding will concern features of a statement of a material as I address to women more often - they make my basic audience.

All in your hands

Probably, sometimes you will want to challenge some statement. If you find worthy argument - perfectly. Think, analyze, disagree, and the TRUE let triumphs. You are not obliged to take all on trust.

Somehow one person has decided to laugh over a wise man. It(He) has caught the butterfly and has clamped it(her) in a fist. Here I will approach(suit), he thought, and I will ask a wise man: «Tell, the butterfly in my hand live or dead?» And if he tells, that the butterfly dead I will unclench fingers, and the butterfly will depart. And if will tell, that live I will compress a fist more strongly, and then I will show the dead butterfly. And all will laugh at a wise man.

It(He) and has made, has caught the beautiful butterfly, has clamped it(her) in a fist and has asked a wise man:

- Tell, if you such clever, the butterfly live or dead?

The wise man has looked to it(him) in eyes and has answered:

- All in your hands!

Any building before it will be constructed, is created in a head of the architect. Become the architect of own body, sozidatelem, similar to the god. Create harmonous and a sound body and enjoy its(his) possibilities. You have excellent chances to receive such result. Take advantage of them already NOW.

Making travel on book pages in the country Symmetry, take with itself in road desire to become successful and readiness to think, reflect, argue, find true, to check each statement, to meditate, observe simple instructions, to vary, become happy.

All in your hands!

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